Working at Saletelligence

The start with us, can be done in different ways.

Frequently in the field of consulting, career starters with correspondingly quantifiable degrees (e.g. data science, statistics, mathematics, business administration, etc.) start directly after graduation. Some of our employees have already got to know us during an internship or working student activity.

In the area of software development, programming experience or initial programming knowledge is of primary importance. Computer science graduates without professional experience as well as experienced developers are interesting for us. In the area of software development, there are also opportunities to get to know us before a permanent position is created through working student activities.

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We once asked our employees about typical questions from our applicants in order to give first impressions about joining us:


Question: How did you get started at SALETELLIGENCE?

Rebecca: Before I started as an analyst at SALETELLIGENCE in 2013, I had already worked there for 3 years as a student assistant. During that time, I had already familiarised myself with the programmes and the way project work works. I saw that the projects were exciting and varied, so I started working for SALETELLIGENCE straight after my studies. I was involved in ongoing projects right from the start and was soon given my own projects.

Question: How quickly did you find your way around?

Rebecca: Very quickly. I already knew some of the work and with everything else, the colleagues were happy to support me, so that I could quickly become a fully-fledged colleague myself. The familiar working atmosphere makes it easy to find your way around, ask for help and then later become a support yourself.

Question: What is the next step for you?

Rebecca: I’m just back from parental leave and very happy with my position for now. My own flexibility is thanked with just as much flexibility and that is worth its weight in gold as a working mother!

THOMAS – SENIOR Data Scientist

Question: What are your responsibilities in your current position at SALETELLIGENCE?

Thomas: Data science projects, automation of ETL routines, regular data preparation for reporting purposes and the development of web tools are the things I spend most of my working time on. Classic project work is now rare for me. However, I still regularly provide support in the planning processes of some clients in which I have been involved for years.

Question: How long did it take you to become a Senior Data Scientist?

Thomas: I started as a consultant after my doctorate and it took me a little more than three years to become a senior data scientist. However, this depends on the respective development and varies accordingly.

Question: What do you like about working at SALETELLIGENCE?

Thomas: There are very short decision-making paths, so it is quite easy and mostly welcome to contribute your own ideas and use innovative methods. It is a digital job that could also be moved smoothly to the home office, for example, during the Corona period.